Friday, July 7, 2017

On #fakenews

The Red Pill can be a bitter pill to swallow. Whether your Red Pill is about women, politics, media corruption, or whatever, it is a bitter one.

Within the past few months, many people have been awakened to the fact that the "mainstream" legacy media puts out a lot of falsehoods. So much so, that anything they publish must be verified independently before a person can honestly begin to contemplate believing it.

Part of dealing with this involves how one will deal with it in their own head. It can take some time to wrap your head around the concept of "well, if CNN lied about X, then they might well have lied about Y." A person can feel confusion, betrayal, and a whole plethora of feelings as they work things out.

The one thing they never do, though, is go back to believing the media.

But how does one handle it? It's a very pertinent question, as many people have had to face this in the past two years with the election cycle. This author became aware of the lying media many years ago, due to being a 2nd Amendment advocate. This is not to say that the author may be "better" than another Red Pilled individual, but rather, that the author has had more time to deal with these things than someone who recently took the Red Pill.

Be certain, many in the gun community saw the media lies from many years ago. And it used to be when there was a breaking story, the 2A folks would be patient and tell one another, "let's wait until all the facts come out." That is age-old wisdom that you would do well to follow.

So here is a good list of what to do when there is a story that comes across:
* Don't believe ABCNNBCBS. If they'll lie about one story, then they'll lie about another.
* Don't believe ABCNNBCBS. They are paid to tell lies. Particularly on certain topics.
* Don't believe ABCNNBCBS. They are the lapdog of the Democrat party.
* WaPo, HuffPo, AP, Reuters, NYT, Vox, and the rest are no different.

*Do look to other sources. Particularly focus on sources that don't have to change their stories.
* Some good sources: Cernovich, Milo, Paul Joseph Watson, Breitbart, Bill Mitchell, etc.

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