Thursday, July 27, 2017

Interesting Observation

Recently, the wife unit was in the hospital again for reconstructive surgery.  While waiting for her, I had the opportunity to listen to the conversation of five Hillary supporters. 

All but one were over age 50 from the looks of things.  The one was 30-ish, had a toddler with her, and was with child. All were black. None were under 300 pounds.  The elders all had close cut hair.

In 30 minutes' time, they had negatively mentioned our President at least three times.

When other discussions would come up, discussion of "sistas sticking together" was a constant theme. 

Mentions of their Black race were also constant. 

One of the crew was trying to play wise matron to the group - advocating controlling their emotions, and raising kids "right."  She was the least inclined to mention race except for using it as leverage when advising the others.  Her suggestions went largely unheeded. 

A couple of the women were extremely prone to emotional outburst.  I felt bad for the toddler on several instances as she became the target of the outlashes from time to time. 

The phrase "low information voter" came to mind. 

This is among those things from which we must protect our society.

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