Thursday, July 6, 2017

I am Alt Right

I am Alt Right.

First, you'll want to know, I do not care what you think of me or the Alt Right. That's Point 12, and it is an important one.

Among the people I call friends and value, there are blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities. So, if you want to try to consider me racist, know that you're only fooling yourself. Besides, Point 12 and all.

It is important to me that we secure a future for white children and white peoples. If you think this contradicts the above paragraph, then you're racist and too stupid to read this blog. Leave now. I'm going to protect my own. Every other species gets to do that, so do I.

Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement. It is worth conserving. This is what conservatism is to me. Nothing more, and nothing less. This means I am avowedly nationalist. America is the greatest country on Earth.

People who claim conservatism, yet adopt Progressive ideologies, are Progressives. As an example, Bill Kristol. Winning the war against Progressive and globalist agendas is more important than losing while retaining some arbitrary "moral high ground." Fights are meant to be won, not to be fair (quote from Pops).

I am Alt Right.  I don't care about how something makes you feel, except to the extent that I can use that to manipulate you if you are Liberal. I do care about facts. Facts are unkind things, therefore, I, too, am unkind.

Some of the greatest atrocities in recent American history have come about because some idiots cannot distinguish between "I feel" and "I think."

Because winning is essential, I'll gladly use effective tactics. This may mean the use of tactics you may not approve of. Tough shit. We have a war to win.

I am Alt Right. I see the enemy for what they are - Liberals, Progressives, enemies of individual rights, advocates for special treatment - gay rights, feminism, etc. - socialists, Marxists, cultural Marxists, etc. Because they are the enemy, I shall treat them as such. I shall engage with effective tactics. They have a right to believe as they do and so do I.

It is not lost on me that the Left wishes to take everything from me. That's why they are the enemy. That's why I treat them as the enemy.

The only way liberalism can win is if conservatism allows it.

* Race sees you, even if you don't see it.
* Facts don't care how you feel about them.
* I fight back
* I win when I fight.

If you like these, then great! Welcome to the club! If not, then Point 12.

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  1. NICE> Well said. As far as I'm concerned, all true. Why ? because I am the big, white Boogeyman, in the first presidential election I was old enough to vote in, I voted for Reagan. I am not just sick over being white, and I did not end up with anything I did not WORK for. I have never been a welfare leech. The Fascists of the Left can all get stuffed. We shall help them to find how truly useless they are.


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