Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fighting Back

One major component of being Alt Right is the concept of fighting back.  We are not content to lose but keep some imagined moral standard.  We must fight fire with fire.  It works. 

One way to do that is to keep the trolls from cluttering the President's Twitter feed.  As soon as POTUS tweets, the hordes come out and try to clog it all up.  Free speech is good, but this is targeted harassment. 

Here's one way to fight back -

Step 1, identify the offenders. Make sure they have multiple replies to the President (or whomever). So much so that it's clear harassment. 

Step 2, go to the offender's profile. From there, you can report them to Twitter. 

Then here's the rest of the steps, in picture format. In order, select:
* they're being abusive or harmful.
* engaging in targeted harassment. 
* someone else.
* (select tweets that are targeted harassment)
* block the account, if you do not wish to see them any more. 

Twitter will send a message to you saying they got the report.  With any luck, a few days later, you will get a message saying Twitter identified the account as being abusive, and took action. So far, this author's contributions have helped Twitter identify nearly a dozen violating accounts.  Some with verified Blue Checkmarks.

Freedom of speech means everyone is entitled to their opinion.  But not at the expense of others.  Leave your thoughts, but don't clutter it up for the rest. 

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