Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fantasy Minded

The photo is of a portrait of Henri III of France. Trump wouldn't have stood a chance (in a fight). Appearances can be deceiving.
- #Libtard on Twitter

A gay man who was, at best, mediocre at fencing, vs. The Donald?
Give me Trump any day in just about any arena.

But this is the #Libtard essence, captured in a nutshell. They are so dissociated from reality, that the phrase and idea has emerged: Liberalism is a mental disorder. The best Google research coins that notion to Right wing radio host, Michael Savage.

But ... Lefty points out:
I’ve heard it said before that liberalism is a mental illness. I completely disagree with this. To put liberals on par with the mentally ill is a slam on the mentally ill. Mental illness is a medical condition that can be effectively treated by medication and/or professional counseling. You cannot cure liberalism with medication.

And that is 100% correct.

It would be a mistake to think Lefty's point is different than Savage's. The two are linked. In fact, it's two different views of the same fact. The formal definition of mental illness is: a wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior.  Now, we know that #Libtards are prone to mood swings and anti-social behavior. However, let's drill down on  the second point of the definition - thinking.

The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.
- Ronald Reagan

Liberals who use Liberal ideology to further their own quest for power (Hillary Clinton) are the rare exception. Most are simply dimwitted and know so much that isn't so. What other segment of society hasn't a clue? Children. Three classes of people live their lives in a fantasy world - Liberals, the mentally ill, and children.

When we treat Liberals as if they haven't a clue, as per the meme above, then we get the best results. Similarly, when we treat children the same way, they learn to grow up and become part of society - or at the least, give the fantasy thoughts a rest while the rest of us lodged in reality actually get things done. Comparably, we treat the mentally ill in a similar fashion - and get similar results.

The mentally ill cannot think rationally because of bodily malfunctions. Children cannot think rationally because they simply haven't developed to that point, yet. Liberals either do not think rationally out of intent, or cannot because they are mentally ill and untreated, not yet matured, or possibly because they are permanently stunted in emotional and rational development.

Regardless the cause, what the rest of us in society must do is focus on results. We must treat them as the children they act like. Then we go on and get results. Or, as Lefty is fond of saying, the adults are in charge now.

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