Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Atheist Trolling

'I'm praying for you " = hey I'm being judgmental and probably I think I'm better than you.
- an atheist  (who was raised Christian) on social media.

You see this phrase, and ones like it, from many atheists on social media. So much so, some of them might even believe it. Many atheists are trolls, and they live to troll people - and this phrase is one of the ones they use to troll.

It also just so happens to be, that this individual was one of the most judgemental people I ever knew growing up. Therefore, this is a classic case of #Law3 Projection.

That notwithstanding, let's go ahead and analyze. What does this phrase really mean, and why?

If somebody tells you about a problem, then one of three things is true:
1. You can solve their problem. Or, you know someone who can.
2. You can solve their problem, however they need to solve it themselves.
3. You cannot solve their problem.

Numbers one and two are self-explanatory. If somebody has a problem that you can solve, you would probably go ahead and solve it. If it was a problem you could not solve, but you knew someone who could, you would Point your friend in that direction. If it was a problem you can solve, but they need to solve it, then you would advise them on how to solve it and allow them to solve the problem themselves.

If you cannot solve their problem, then the natural reaction is to wish that you could. Naturally, you would not want them to go through this problem. Since options are limited, those who are inclined to pray, will pray. It's not really very different from another person wishing them good luck, or similar.

But trolls will be trolls.

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