Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wing Chun in MMA

Q - Why don't you see many Wing Chun techniques or practitioners in MMA?

Several reasons, among them -

Wing Chun defense is predicated on blocks.  Blocks just don't work often enough because of the power and speed of a real opponent.  Footwork and distancing are far more effective at keeping a person safe.   Wing Chun, as a rule, does not teach much with regards to good footwork and distancing. 

Wing Chun offense is centered around straight blast punching and kicking. While these techniques can be quite practical, the combinations offered in WC are lacking overall.  Combine with seriously subpar footwork and distancing and it's a recipe for disaster.  
Also, in close fighting, straight punches are often rendered ineffective by the opponent's guard position.  Hooks and uppercuts reign supreme.  These are often glossed over or ignored completely in WC.

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