Friday, May 19, 2017

Qual Time!

Your Militia / 3% / Oath Keeper / Patriot Group needs to know how to shoot straight.

Here's a good course of fire to help you gauge your skills:

Put up an Army 300m zero target.
2 targets per shooter.

90 second time limit.
Use your AR as you carry it.

You may use a bipod - if you always carry a bipod. If the bipod is in your rucksack, you must start the course of fire with the bipod detached and attach it first if you wish to use it. The rifle must be unloaded while you put the bipod on.

You may use your rucksack as a rest.
You may use your magazine as a rest.

If you use a loop sling or hasty sling, you must put it on during the 90 second shooting period with your rifle unloaded.

You may load a single mag with 10 rounds, or two mags with 5 rounds each.

Course of fire:
90 seconds.
5 shots on each target.

Shots inside the circle = 5 points
Shots in the black = 4 points.
Shots off target = 0 points.

A shot touching two or three scoring areas receives the higher (highest) score.

In the event that more than 5 shots are fired on a target for any reason, the lowest 5 shots on a target are the ones scored.

29 - 37 points = Marksman
38 - 44 points = Sharpshooter
45 - 50 points = Expert Rifleman

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