Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Minuteman Automatic Rifleman

Recently, the US Marine Corps made the decision to switch away from a belt fed automatic rifle and they adopted the M27. As usual, there will be a transition period.

Which brings up the point - what is a Patriot survivalist team to do about having an automatic rifleman? The automatic rifleman is the cornerstone around which the infantry fire squad is built. But automatic weapons are heavily regulated here in the Land of the Free (?).

Here is one potential solution...

The Rifle
Start with a regular heavy barrel AR build, but put a gas piston system on it.
Make sure it is free floated (mind the rail, some don't work with piston systems).
Install a double firing trigger - like the Fostech Echo trigger.
Make sure to top it off with an ACOG, Aimpoint, or similar for maximum effect.

The Loadout
The Minuteman Automatic Rifleman could carry 100 round drum mags for full effect.
At least 300 rounds, and preferably 500.

The Automatic Rifleman
The Minuteman Automatic Rifleman should be an expert rifleman on a semi auto. If he isn't, do you really want him laying down suppressive fire? He should train with his rifle system so as to be able to lay down accurate fire, even at an accelerated rate.

What say you?

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