Monday, May 22, 2017

Easy to Spot

Libtards are easy to spot, and easy to defeat with #AltRight tactics.

A friend posts on social media that she wishes Trump was "as eloquent a speaker as Rex Tillerson." Libtards pounce, trying to make fun of the God-Emperor. It's a softball pitch.

#AltRight ShitLord - [Mr. Miyagi meme that states] "You too much TV."

Libtard - It only takes watching for about 5 minutes to know that Trump has no public speaking ability.

ARSL- [George Carlin meme that states] "You know the #fakenews is fake... so why do you believe any of it???"

Libtard - Because when words are actually said, that is something that actually happened, and is not fake.

ARSL - Do I sense #Law3 projection? Did you like Obama, yet realized that he was a stuttering fool, so you project that onto Trump now?

Libtard - I don't even know how to answer that, so I am not going to.

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