Thursday, May 18, 2017

DM Extras

As DM for your fire team, you need to pack a few extra items, and make a few considerations for your combat and recon patrols. 

It is wise to select an assault pack like the one pictured. This pack has a groove between pouches.  A good DM will rest his rifle in this groove for added stability for long range shots.

Carry your rifle with precision ammo in the mag. This is assuming your load out contains entry ammo and precision ammo.  If possible,  all ammo should be of a precision variety, but that can be cost - prohibitive. Unless your patrol will almost immediately take you to an entry type situation, use the precision ammo mag... you may be called on to take a snap shot at a target of opportunity with narry a moment's notice!

While you will not be filling a true sniper role, you might be called on for overwatch duties or similar.  Carry some of the tools of the trade:
* hatchet / saw, or similar. 
* sniper veil.
* extra shemagh.
* shooting sock.
* bipod.
* binoculars or spotting scope.
* range finder.

It would be wise to carry the binoculars and range finder on your rig instead of your pack.  One never knows when you might need these in a hurry.  

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