Monday, May 1, 2017

100 Days

Trump in office 100 days.
What have we learned?
What have we been reminded of?

#fakenews is still fake.
They keep manufacturing scandal. Teflon Don keeps shedding it like so many raindrops off an umbrella.

Democrats are hypocrites.
The wall and Gorsuch are two items the Dims voted for within the past 12 years, yet voted against this time around.

Soros' influence is coming to an end.
If Trump is the billionaire Alpha Male, then Soros is the billionaire Gamma Male. His paid "protests" and civil unrest have accomplished little other than to strengthen the Trump base.

Fake polls are still fake.
Lefty states that polls are usually +20 points for the political left. Bill Mitchell will quote +7 to +8 points in favor of the political left. Both men are right often enough for a smart person to use them as a gauge. So when polls say Trump's approval rating is around 50%, you can bet it is closer to 57% - 70%. Truly unprecedented.

The Republicans are the enemy, too.
Everyone knew this. Trump simply has the balls to show it.

Trump plays chess.
Leftwing legacy media still doesn't even know what a checker is.

The courts are corrupt.
In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

Winning does not get old.
Never will.

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