Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump Rally

On Saturday, March 4, I took my family to the Trump rally in downtown Nashville.  There were well over 1000 Patriots there - even the #fakenews estimated 1300-1500. There were maybe 30  or so protesters, if that.  I didn't take pictures - too busy doing other important things - but many of my friends did take pics.  Tennessee Star has some good photos.

I will be eternally thankful for going to the rally today.  My children got to see live & in person the vile nature of the left.  I've never sheltered them, but it's one thing to see daddy say something, and it's something altogether different to see the BS for yourself.

The leftist protesters spewed venom from their lips in the form of profanities, lies, false allegations, and clear hatred. Many of the leftist protesters wore masks or scarves to cover their faces. Usually, criminals do attempt to conceal their identity whilst committing crimes.

The Trump supporters were courteous and wore smiles. There were several prominent Tennesseans there who spoke to the crowd. The mood of the crowd was one of optimism. Never have I seen so many red hats - #MakeAmericaGreatAgain .

Tennessee state troopers stood watch, making sure the protesters remained outside the rally area. This was done out of concern for the safety of the protesters, to be sure. I personally knew over two dozen of the rally attendees - and I'd be surprised if a single one of them was not armed at the time. I certainly was armed. Pretty sure a good percentage of the crowd was, as well. No, the troopers were not there to protect us from the protesters - it was the other way around.

There were Trump supporters there from all walks of life. Both genders and all races were represented. The protesters were mostly white-guilt Millennials coupled with a few urban yutes. Many motorcycle riders were there supporting Trump. And the running theme was a desire to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain . 

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