Monday, March 20, 2017

Global "Progress"

Conservatives, by definition, wish to conserve the country as it was founded and clearly intended.

Progressives, by definition, wish to change the country away from how it is, in favor of their interpretation of progress.

Lately, the progressive interpretation of progress is globalism. These leftists have refused the "patriarchy," as it has existed since the dawn of mankind in favor of the ultimate patriarchy - one world government. The biggest Big Daddy of them all. Progressives call conservatives "afraid" of these changes. Progressives claim conservatives "fear" the unknown.

The readers of this blog tend to be Constitutionalist, Hard Right, Libertarian leaning Right, and #AltRight . These people know exactly what globalism leads to. We do not fear globalism, we abhor it. It is an undesirable outcome, to say the least. We do not consider globalism to be progress. We in America fought against a king over 200 years ago for a reason.

It is a basic instinct and right of all species to fight for the survival of their own kind. The political Right understands and realizes that this is what's going on right now - a fight for the survival of our own.

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