Thursday, March 9, 2017

Designated Marksman's Rifle

DMR - Designated Marksman Rifle. Every Minuteman group needs at least one Designated Marksman. Some groups use the mentality of one DM per fire team, and they base movement and tactics off of DM support.

But what goes into the rifle?
Here is one example.

This rifle, named Lucy, is custom built. Most good DMRs are. She has an 18" White Oak Armament barrel with rifle length gas tube. She has a Fail Zero bolt. She wears a 16.5" rail from SLR that free floats the barrel. She has a Geissele SSA trigger. The A2 stock is from Magpul. She wears a J-type Compensator to assist with faster target reacquisition.

In this photo, Lucy is making use of a standard 30-round magazine loaded with M193 clone ammo. Though not the hardest hitting or most precise, this ammo is effective out to 300 m regularly. A good DM will carry precision ammo for long range work. This loadout is best for routine patrols and standard entry. With a simple mag change, lucy can rain down 75 grain love from afar.

The optic is fitting of a Modern Minuteman. The Vortex Strike Eagle offers 1-6x magnification. The 1x can be used for CQB. The 6x is good for reaching out. The scope has a Ballistic Drop Compensator reticle, allowing for ranging and firing at the long range.


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