Friday, March 3, 2017

Bold Church Leadership

On social media, many friends who are in the ministry post articles about how to reach more people, how boost church attendance, how to encourage people to join in song during worship, etc. I am blessed to be able to attend  a church where attendance is booming.

Make no mistake, the churches that are growing rapidly are also trying very hard to improve, so don't think I'm going to say that's not a part of it. But, I will say that continual improvement is not the main reason why some churches grow while others shrink. And leadership from rapidly growing churches almost never post the "church-self-help" articles on social media. But again, these are side topics - not the main reason why.

In the last 5 years, I've attended two other churches that needed all the help they could in attendance and participation, and one that was that way, but then started rapid growth. What is the difference?

The difference, simply put, is BOLDNESS.

People don't was a sissy in the pulpit.

Just as the American people elected a bold leader, they elect to follow bold church leadership, as well.

A little over two years ago, Global Vision Bible Church would have a little over 100 in attendance each Sunday. These days it's in excess of 500. Back then, you could easily find a seat in early or late service. This coming Sunday, a 3rd service will be added to relieve the pressure of overcrowded services. GVBC had to purchase additional property last year just to make parking lot space - the original 46 parking spaces wouldn't fit half of the cars that park there now.

Pastor Greg Locke has always been bold. He is certainly an Alpha-male. He has never shied away from tough topics. He does not (and never has) taught the feel-good Christianity. But when he took the boldness a step further is when the church exploded in growth. Pastor Locke took his simple, yet Biblical messages to social media. Proclaiming boldness to the masses.

Now, just about every week, there is a new visitor to GVBC who drove well over an hour to get there (some have come from overseas!). These and even local visitors almost all reference Pastor Locke's social media presence as the reason why they came to visit. Thousands more watch his sermons as they are live-stream broadcast, and in the video archives.

All the notoriety does not come without a price. For every video that Pastor Locke posts that gets a million views, there are thousands of liberals and atheists that seek out his public pages and slander his name and give grief to the truth by spewing hatred, lies, and filth. Pastor Locke will frequently reference that sort of behavior as nonsense, and that's a great descriptor.

People are reaching out for bold, truthful leadership. The Gamma pastors are unwittingly killing off their church memberships. And in the process, these feckless pastors are causing harm to Christianity as a whole. It's time to stand up. It's time to take back our country and we can start by taking back our churches with bold leadership.

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