Monday, March 27, 2017

$38 Million

$38 million. What could you do with  $38 million?

Feed Rosie O'Donnell for a day.
Run the US Federal government for about 5 minutes.

Or, put it to good use. 
Invested at a guaranteed 6% return, and assuming annual taxes in the highest bracket, one would be left with a hair over $130,000 per month to spend. The average US household makes do with roughly  $3500 per month. In my state, that average is $2700 per month.

$38 million is what Donald Trump paid in taxes in 2005. It's 1300 times what Bernie paid last year. Bernie said that Trump paid no taxes. Yet again, Bernie is just off in his own little world.

Liberals who were saying Trump paid no taxes for 20 years have had to change their slander. 
One liberal even said that since Trump "only" made $150 million in 2005, that he wasn't a billionaire. Proving once again that liberals and facts don't walk the same path.
One liberal made this information public. Will he be charged? Or is it a "she?"
The liberal who displayed a 30-round magazine on live TV in an area where they were banned was never charged.

The man who made almost as much in 2005 as the Clintons have combined to make in their entire collective lifetimes is the President.  And he is running the government like you'd expect a successful businessman to run it. 

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