Monday, February 27, 2017

What Did You Want?

This one laments on social media that her ex is to marry a "20-something blonde," less than two years after their divorce.  Some thoughts:

You asked for this.
Women initiate 75% of divorces.  You did.

He is an idiot.
I'll agree, but not for the same reason.  He's an idiot because he got married again.

You're jealous #1
You've hit the wall, and you know it.  Being 40 didn't help. Gaining 50+ pounds since age 35 didn't help.  Looking 10 years older in the past 2 years didn't help.

You're jealous #2 
He's happy and you aren't.

You're jealous #3 
He has and you have not. How is that minimum wage job working out for you?

It didn't turn out like you wanted.
Divorce is not a life improvement for anyone, but it takes a harder toll on women. Yet, women engage in all sorts of divorce porn - the pedestalizing of divorce.  You wanted to hurt him - and make no mistake, you did hurt him - you just hurt yourself worse.  Divorce is a scorched earth policy.

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