Wednesday, February 8, 2017

This & That

Recently, I participated in a "bug out" weekend. It was a simulation of a SHTF scenario. Here are some takeaways...

For cold weather,  the most important piece of kit was my field jacket. It was warmer than my sleeping bag.

A-TACS camo is good. During the day. At night, it stood out, from my perspective. Good stuff, but further camo purchases will be woodland for the time. Maybe it's time to investigate kryptek?

Baby wipes are good.

A woobie has many uses. Carry one.

I got within 41 meters of the vehicle check point without being noticed. So did my 6'2" 250 pound spotter.

On a night op, I moved forward at the team leader's command to observe and radio back details of our objective. When time came for the rest of the team to move toward the objective, they passed right by me. One finally saw me and yelled out "contact!" I had to remind him that I was not contact, I was his DM.

Work hard, party hard.

Not all family is blood.

Friends & family help one another. I gave help. I received help. I am thankful for the opportunity to help. I am thankful for receiving help. Sometimes you can help and you don't even know it. Sometimes help can take the simplest forms. That's what it's all about.

Even though we were in a distinctively rural setting, there was never a line of sight of more than 300 m. Most of the time, never more than 200 m.

Nicknames are funny.
MBC (absent this time - illness)
Spider Monkey

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