Thursday, February 9, 2017

Take Your Training Seriously.

Folks, take your training seriously. This event happened to a student of mine some time back. This student had taken a pistol class from me.

*names, locations, and nonessential details omitted for privacy reasons*

Student was returning home. A criminal predator lay in wait for student, armed with a metal rod. As student exited the car and began to make his way into his house, the predator attacked. The predator struck the student with the rod, and again. Student was trying to get away and create space. The predator closed in and prepared for a clubbing overhead blow.

Student covered his head in a manner depicted in the picture above. Student drew and fired his handgun - of a common make and caliber. One shot, center mass. Predator attempted to continue the assault, but was quickly running out of steam... and then it was over. Police on the scene (many minutes later) judged it to be justifiable self defense.

Student would like to share:
"It's important to me that they [people who take training classes] take it seriously. I think the part that bothers me is I was half stepping. I was serious, but not all the way, but just enough to save my life... "

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