Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sniper Bag

A "sniper bag." This bag contains tools to help the sniper or Designated Marksman (DM) perform his duties more efficiently.

Disclaimer - in the American Martial Art, which is focused on homeland security, the actual position of sniper is almost completely unnecessary. A Designated Marksman will suffice more than 99% of the time - if for no other reason, because most engagements will take place well under 300 meters. And the situation where a modern Minuteman would need to take a 1000 yard shot is almost completely unfathomable.

So, one might call this a "DM bag."

In no particular order, here are the items in a DM bag:
* Hatchet (or shears) - for stripping away vegetation to construct a hide.
* Sniper veil - for concealment.
* Extra shemagh - for concealment and various sundry uses.
* Shooter sock - for steadying the Rifle (this pack has 2 - grey & black).
* 20-round magazines. This shooter loads precision ammo in 30-round mags as a standard practice. Having 20 round mags allows lower profiles when necessary.
* Range finder - to help determine distance.
* Bipod - for steadying the rifle.
* Woobie - can help in steadying and in concealment.
* Assault pack - can be used to steady the rifle, and can tote other important items.

Some Designated Marksmen like to have these things in a separate bag. This Rifleman prefers using the 2nd largest pouch in this assault pack for storage of these things. The woobie and second shemagh are stored in the primary pocket.

What about you? What do you have in your DM bag or sniper bag?

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