Thursday, February 2, 2017

Phony March, Phony Gods

Watching the events unfold of the planned, organized, and well-funded "women's march" left me with an observation.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, there were many false gods mentioned. However, three false gods got more press than the rest: Baal, Ashtoreth, and Molech. Volumes could be (and have been) written about these three, but let's sum up. Baal (meaning "lord") was the "supreme being" opposed to Jehova in certain areas. Other areas worshipped the god, Molech, and his consort, Ashtoreth.

Some will say Baal was Molech, or vice-versa. While that argument can be made, there is more evidence that they were contemporaries. Furthermore, most in demonology would contend that the three were all separate demons. On a practical view, Baal was to be worshipped instead of Jehova. Molech demanded child sacrifice. Ashtoreth glorified sexual sin - particularly whoredom and homosexuality.

And back to the "women's march." It would seem the women marching were protesting via three main components:

1. Rebellion to established government (President Trump).
These women marched against Trump. All of their accusations were false, of course. "#notmypresident" ring a bell?

This is similar to their rebellion to God.
This is the worship of Baal.

2. Sexual sin.
The women took pride in their whoredom. Many wore costumes resembling a vagina. They demanded free birth control so that they may continue to engage in whoredom. Many more present - men and women - celebrated their homosexuality.

This is the worship of Ashtoreth.

3. Child sacrifice
The biggest single unifying theme was the demand for abortion. They protested against Trump's defending of the international arm of Planned Parenthood. They protest so that they might be able to kill more unborn children.

This is the worship of Molech.

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