Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Fight Goes On

Just because Trump is president (damn, that felt good to write!), don't think that the #fakenews is going away. Remember, kind readers, the three laws of SJW:
Law 1 - SJWs always lie.
Law 2 - SJWs always double down.
Law 3 - SJWs always project.

So if the election was, in part, a referendum on the media and it's collective lies; then it is logical to presume they will now double down. And so it is:

This is a photo, claiming to be a side by side of the crowd at Obama's inauguration in 2009 on the left, and Trump's on the right. But there's one key problem, in cropping out Trump's photo, what you don't see is the crowd of people flocking in.

I saw the election coverage live, with live feeds. The photo on the right is from about 9 am Central time. It was when people were first getting there. There had been some security screening hiccups and the area had just been opened up.

So what was the crowd really like?

This photo was taken from the opposite angle, during President Trump's speech. It would seem all those white concrete areas are filled up now, wouldn't it?

And even if attendance was less (it wasn't), then there would actually be a really good explanation...
Trump supporters would have been at work, Obama supporters not so much. One side votes for a living, the other side works for a living.

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