Monday, January 23, 2017

Sharp Points

From a Red Pill reader of this blog - 

Women are no angels. They are not perfect, not even close. As a musician, I get to play many venues. When I was trying to make a name for myself, I worked many Bachelorette parties. You wouldn't believe how many brides-to-be wound up with a male stripper's penis in her mouth... or somewhere else!

There is no loyalty. That's why the age-old theory is to triple a woman's admitted number of men she claims to have slept with. Many times, a woman will start cheating on one of my buddies, and then leave him for the new man.

And her girlfriends always defend her and take up for her. Hell, after they are done, it's always the old boyfriend's fault that she cheated.

And those same girlfriends, when the same girl is happy with a relationship, will hen-peck her to death until she is no longer happy. And the women who complain about the hen pecking are the ones who will turn around and hen-peck the most!

Now one thing I really don't get is your fellow Christians. I am not Christian, but I do consider myself a Deist, leaning toward Agnostic. Your Christian Bible says "for all have sinned..." But your churches teach and act as if women can't sin! And in the rare instance they do recognize a woman's sin, they never hold her accountable!

It seems as if your fellow Christians would really take a hard look at what their own Bible says about sin, and about women, and about life as a whole, then your Churches would be in much better shape.

Really stout points from a pretty Sharp reader. What say you?

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  1. I'd agree that women are virtually incapable of faithfulness. Let me explain by how they behave towards other stuff.

    This struck me as I was driving around a while ago and listening to the radio. The adverts were all the same theme – it's the new season so get rid of the old stuff, buy new stuff (such as new patio furniture, new glassware, new cutlery, carpets, curtains etc.and so forth) as the new seasons stock was ready for sale and you just HAVE to have the latest colour, design or some other feature. No matter that the existing household goods are perfectly serviceable, in good condition and would last many more years before needing to be replaced.

    Walk around your local mall and I guarantee that you realise that about 95% of the shops and goods are for women. It is what women thrive on and demand – constant change, constant variety and constant novelty. Clothes, shoes, handbags, junk and decorations etc.

    Now, if you agree that the world is set up and slanted towards catering to womens need for constant change, new things, experiences and sensations, what do you think they are like in their sexual or personal preferences? Do you think that they will be satisfied with the same man for longer than it takes to empty their wallets and buy all the goodies their little hearts crave? Or is it more likely that their instincts will kick in and they will want to try out what is available?

    Watch and see how they behave, not what they say. And their actions and behaviour towards material things is a good indicator of their attitude towards men.

    Phil B


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