Thursday, January 26, 2017

On Unity

Some thoughts on unifying the country.

You cannot unify with someone who does not similarly wish to unify with you. You can only compromise. If you compromise first, without promise of cooperation in return, you have only given away ground. You have become compromised. This is not how to negotiate.

Why unify and compromise with a minority? Democrats were not in a hurry to work together, unify, and compromise in the early part of Obama's term... why should Republicans feel obligated to do the same now?

The clear mandate by the majority of America was to change and undo what Obama has done. Why unify? The American people want change, Trump promised that change. Why give a watered down version of change?

Republicans in the past - establishment Republicans - gave only watered down change. They gave only false promises. They cucked out at every opportunity. They caved in to Democrat wishes. And people got tired of it. That's how we got Obama - weak-kneed Republicans. Conservatism failed us.

The Alt-Right is what won. We place victory ahead of the concept of "noble defeat." We do not believe in moral victories. We do not believe in compromising with the progressive movement. We believe in American Exceptionalism, and that the Western Civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and society. Progressivism seeks to destroy said achievement.

Why work together with those that plot your demise?

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