Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Liberal Prepping

In a startling turn of events, many liberals started prepping for the Trump years. Not just getting ready to fight ideologically, but actual prepping.

The BBC reports that more and more liberals have been buying guns since the election of President Trump. Why? I do not know. Trump has shown zero indication of trying to take away gun rights. In fact, he has shown zero indication of taking away any rights to which liberals cling... sparking this meme:

In my younger years, I'd say, "good for them." Now, not so much. Because liberalism is a mental disorder with no known cures or treatments, I am more comfortable saying this:

Fellow patriots, be wary. More liberals with guns is not a good thing. Guns will not turn these people away from their failed ideology. It is reasonable to expect that these snowflakes, who have never lost, will turn to violence to get their way.

It is what they've been taught since childhood: When you don't get your way, pitch a fit until you do; and if that doesn't work, pitch a bigger fit. These are people whose parents never said "no" and stuck with it. They think it's how life works.

We must be vigilant. They will resort to terrorism - look at the protest videos. Terrorist style attacks are the counter-revolution tactics of cowards. We are dealing with millions of cowards. We must be prepared for them.

Join your local militia, 3% group, Oath Keepers, etc. Get trained. Just because we won and adults are in charge doesn't mean the mental children will go away.

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  1. Hmmm ... I think the concern is misplaced.

    The Liberals do not THINK. Their reaction to, and attitudes towards guns (i.e. they are bad, that posessing a gun makes you evil and anyone with a gun is immediately dangerous to anyone else within a mile radius - look at Hollywood which ALWAYS portrays gin use accurately - just "because") means that they do not have a clue about guns, how they work or the necessary training needed to become proficient with them.

    Liberals do not understand dedication, hard work or self discipline and these qualities are needed to become proficient with any firearm - pistols in particular. So they are highly unlikely to spend the time, effort or cash to attend training, buy enough ammunition to become proficient and maintain proficiency.

    It is like one woman I know that is "prepping" and has a bookshelf full of books that are unread but when TSHTF then she's prepared, despite having zero skills, never practiced what she would need to do to survive or has bought anything to help her survive.

    I'd estimate that Liberals believe that having a firearm and a box of ammunition makes them prepared for whatever. It ain't so. It will be easy to take brand new, unfired (or fired one magazine ineffectively at you) guns off them and add to our cause when the time comes.

    No worries on that score, eh?

    Phil B


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