Thursday, November 3, 2016

Voter Reform

Have you heard all these complaints about the electoral college? Many people are saying we need to do away with the electoral college.

Let's be clear: the electoral college is the last bastion of a Representative Republic the USA has. It is what keeps us from devolving into a Democracy: mob rule. If the US ever morphs into a Democracy, it will follow up soon by turning into a completely Socialist state.

But complaining about a problem without offering a solution is just whining, so here's the solution - the US needs two major election reforms:

1. Only taxpayers be allowed to vote.
2. Mandatory voter ID in all precincts.


  1. The problem is not the Electoral College, it's how the Electors are awarded during election - by each state. Electors should be awarded by district or county. The votes of 45% of California have no value, just like the votes of 10% of North Dakota. The Electoral college, in theory, may mitigate the effects of error in elections. But, it also creates opportunities for fraud, and disenfranchisement under the current system.

  2. I always liked RAH's approach to voting. The prospective voter places a 1 troy ounce gold bar in a slot and the machine randomly generates a quadratic equation. Solve it and the vote counts and the bar is returned. Don't solve it? No vote and no gold. "Grab 'em by their wallets and the hearts and minds will follow".
    The veteran-only voting in Starship Troopers wouldn't survive our present system of lying.


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