Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The #TrumpSlide

He strode confidently into the voting area. Red hat and red shirt worn proudly. Trump is his man. Many around him acknowledged the same. Many like minded people, hoping to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

She tottered in the same line. Back slightly bowed with age. Hands frail. Legs frail. Mind feeble. Eyes filled with rage. Today, she can exercise as much force as that tall, white man with the red shirt. She can beat back her "aggressor." She has as much say as him today.

Except there are many more with him today - young & old, black & white, poor & middle class. And their eyes shine, but not with rage. Their eyes shine with hope. With a desire to improve their society. They laugh and speak pleasantly with all around them.

This intensifies her rage. Feeling outnumbered, despite the friendliness of these white devils who intend to vote for the Ultimate White Devil, she looks around for another like her. She finds one. A female of approximately her own age, but white. She, too, has rage in her eyes. Short cut hair and anything but a feminine appearance. They do not speak to one another, out of fear of the other, but they know they are voting the same way, and that is a sort of kindred spirit.

He receives his ballot, and casts his four votes. A local race, a state race, a Congressional race, and the President. "President Trump," - It has a nice ring to it. He checks and double checks his ballot to make sure he selected the correct persons. Once satisfied, he prints his ballot and checks it again before entering it into the counting machine. Many others in the room do the same.

She reaches her machine but cannot understand it. The rage has blinded her already feeble mind. She just cannot believe there are so many here voting for that White Devil. Didn't they watch the TV? He has no chance. The former First Lady is leading by 8 points in all the polls. A poll worker patiently helps her press the screen for her candidates.

Outside the polling area, the #MakeAmericaGreatAgain crowd gathers and converses more. Some know each other, some do not. It matters not. Nor do their other differences matter. Today, they are Americans. Today, they did their patriotic duty. Today, they lent their voice to the effort of restoring their country. Their emotions are happiness, pride for the country, and hope.

Inside, a commotion. "Somehow" her ballot printed off a candidate who was not her choice for President. In fact, she had selected the candidate, but was simply not intelligent enough to realize it. In three pages of Presidential candidates, she had selected one on each page. The ballot machine went with her final selection, from a minor 3rd party. When she printed it, she finally reviewed for accuracy. It was too late. "But I wanted to vote for Hillary!" She whined as the poll workers tried their best to help her. To add insult to injury, the short haired lady she had spotted earlier spoke of voting for Jill Stein as she could not endorse a candidate who helped cover her husband's rapes.

This is a microcosm of the election.
Don't believe the media and the rigged polls.
A #TrumpSlide is coming.
And liberals and #cuckservatives had best take heed.

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