Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gleaning Information

I regularly read about four or five liberal sources and about four or five #cuckservative sources daily. Some might ask, "doesn't that get your blood boiling?"


Not at all.

Gammas and liberals, like SJWs, project their feelings onto others. If they feel a way about something, they automatically assume everybody does. Some of us can read and learn from the other side without emotional reaction.

Like a scientist in a lab measuring and recording how many drops of a substance will change the solution from alkaline to acidic, some of us simply observe and note. No emotional attachment.

To be sure, emotional reaction does not indicate the Gamma-ness of a man. Just like it does not indicate the person is a liberal or #cuckservative. But if someone does have repeatable, visibly emotional reactions to something like that, you know that man is not Alpha or Sigma.

So, I read these sources and glean information from them day by day. Occasionally, I replace one source with another - just like when my pen runs out of ink I replace it. I learn the talking points of the other side. I learn what pushes their emotional buttons.

And, occasionally, I troll them. It's the only language they understand.

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