Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Prediction 2016

Each election, I'll do a blog post with my votes and my predictions for each race. Here it is for 2016:

1. State Representative, District 57
Susan Lynn (R) x Trisha Farmer (D)
I voted - write in candidate.
Prediction: Susan Lynn wins with around 70% of the vote.

2. Mt. Juliet Mayor
Jim Bradshaw x Ed Hagerty
Both lean heavily R.
I voted - Bradshaw (would be fine with either man)
Prediction: Hagerty with around 55% of the vote.

3. US Congress, Tennessee District 6
Diane Black (R) x David Kent (D) x David Ross (L)
I voted - David Ross
Prediction: Black with about 60% of the vote.

4. US President
Trump (R) x Clinton (D)
I voted - Trump
Prediction: Trump wins Tennessee with about 60% of the vote.
Trump wins the White House with over 300 electoral votes.

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