Monday, October 17, 2016

WROL Considerations

In the history of mankind, SHTF situations have happened periodically. Some have morphed into situations of "Without Rule of Law" (WROL). These situations are usually regionalized, but some have been larger.

One of the more predictable SHTF events is the financial and political collapse of Socialist / Communist countries. Eventually you run out of other people's money. In many instances, civil war is the event. Often, the civil war and the socialist economic collapse are inextricably  linked.

In SHTF situations, things become far more black & white - as opposed to multiple shades of grey, which is a convenience of civilized society. When things polarize like this, they also tend to clear up. The end result is:

There are only assets and threats.

Assets are things useful. Threats are things harmful. Everything and everyone is either an asset or a threat in a SHTF or WROL situation. Seeing things in shades of grey will get you killed. Period.

Now that this is cleared up, let's extrapolate a little bit. If you voted for or supported liberal policies and politicians, you were part of the problem. If you are part of the problem, then in SHTF/WROL situations you are a threat.

Two legged threats in SHTF/ WROL situations will be shot on sight.

No, I probably won't actively hunt you, unless you are directly trying to harm me. That's good news for you. But, I won't think twice about pulling that trigger in such a circumstance. I don't care if we were "friends" before. I don't care if we know each other. I will end you. Period.

Because you are part of why I'm being forced to violently defend myself and my family. Furthermore, I must presume you intend to either make me do your bidding  (enslave me), steal my resources (probably because you didn't prep yourself), or leach off of me (see: steal my resources).

So don't come my way, asking for help. And if I see you trying to do the same to a true friend of mine (read: asset), then I'll take the same approach. And you'd better pray I don't see you as I go about my business. Because, priorities depending, I'll make it my business to rid the world of another pest.

Who should be concerned:
Cuckservative Republicans.
Those two or three people who've actually crossed me in life.

What can you do about it?
Train. Make yourself more a threat than I am.
But I know you won't. Because if you did, you'd learn to despise those things in life you now aspire to. Because to get that good, you'd have to show personality traits that you actively try to shun.

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