Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Woman for Trump

"Why I'm voting for Trump" as sent to me by a female reader.

Forget the conditional statements everybody makes at the beginning. You know, "Trump is not a perfect candidate, but;" or "I'm a [insert demographic here]." No, you will not get conditions, caveats, excuses, or explanations from me. I'm an a American woman and registered voter. Nothing else matters in this discussion.

I'm voting for Trump in November. I voted for him in the primary, too. I think he's best fit to lead this country. As you and others have said, Usagi, he is an Alpha Male; A natural leader. He's a very successful businessman. He's not a career politician. He won the Republican nomination clean and fair (unlike Hillary and the Democrat nomination).

Despite what the Globalist owned media would have us believe, Trump did not get wealthy by failing to deliver in his business dealings. He has had way more successful companies than bankruptcies. And he knows how to work the media, even when they are out to get him.

The knocks on Trump are superficial at best.
He occasionally uses PG 13 language. Hillary used worse behind closed doors.
Trump likes women. Despite what feminists tell us, that's not a crime. In fact, it's necessary for the procreation and proliferation of our species!
Trump engages in locker room talk. So does everyone else. This one especially is such a non issue.
Trump has bankrupted businesses. But he has had hundreds more succeed. Everyone swings and misses sometimes.

These are all non issues.

Hillary is another matter. Feminists uphold the (false) concept of the  "Strong, Independent Woman." [Editor's note - "SIW"] Hillary is anything but strong and independent.

Hillary Clinton is not strong. Mentally, morally, or physically. She gets rattled when the truth is told about her - that's not mentally strong. Her moral transgressions are too numerous to list. And physically, she is very weak, and likely sick.

Hillary Clinton is not independent. If it weren't for Bill Clinton, we wouldn't know who she was. Save for being an unethical attorney who was fired from the [White Water] investigations for being... unethical. 
(Editor's note - Hillary was investigated in White Water, she was fired from Watergate. the point still stands.)

And Hillary's only accolade, as you've mentioned, Usagi, is that she has successfully avoided prosecution for 30 years. Not what I'd call a good attribute. Certainly not presidential. Certainly not what this country needs.

Name was withheld at the author's request.

What say you?


  1. What say I is this women exemplifies a strong character, unafraid and unapologetic, one who is pragmatic of the world and possessed of a determination that at once shows she is focused on what is important yet slightly intolerant of that which seeks to distract into the prattle of a mindless abyss. IOW, every mother possessed of integrity.

  2. That would be the Watergate investigation she got fired from . She was the subject of the White Water investigation

  3. Thank you. Editorial note added.


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