Friday, October 7, 2016

VP Debate Analysis

On Tuesday evening, the Vice Presidential candidates debated. Here's my take on it.

Some of the best tweets.
You could have picked any sumbitch out of the crowd and they would have done better than Kaine in last night's debate.
- @BigBoyVol

"Tim Kaine was talking in Minion language and I just couldn't understand his point."
- @MichelleHowell7

Am I the only one who thinks that someone should check Tim Kaine's computer for child porn? Just saying
- @reccerifleman

Hillary Clinton was going to lie to Tim Kaine and tell him how great he did at the #VPDebate but he kept interrupting her.
- @LeftyMarkRose

Possible strategy?
Given how lopsided the debate was, and how much Kaine interrupted and kept vomiting the same prescribed Libtard talking points, it would seem the Dems knew in advance he would lose. Perhaps they tried this strategy as a way to try to get back at Trump for absolutely roasting Hillary constantly.

More likely explanation.
Pence, like Trump, is an Alpha male. He would be Alpha in all but just a select few rooms on this planet, and Trump occupies one of those rooms. Pence is a master of frame - keeping to his version of things. Pence's frame is one of quiet, cool, and calm, despite the storm. Where Trump's most native Alpha response is ridicule & reframe, Pence is a natural at dismiss & ignore.

Kaine is a Gamma. The tell is his white knighting. In classical Gamma fashion, he made a false assumption: that Pence was a Beta or even a Delta. He came in, wanting to play Alpha, and it backfired painfully. Kaine tried to adopt the demeanor that the Left accuses Trump of having. Problem was, Trump isn't like that... and Kaine is so far removed from Alpha it's not even funny.

* The left accuses Trump of lacking substance, and relying too much on talking points. Kaine overplayed this role.
* The Left accuses Trump of being brash and interrupting. Again, Kaine overplayed this trait.

The net result was Kaine looking like a circus freak. If he toned it down a bit, he might be a good pro wrestler.

But why would Hillary and Kaine adopt that strategy?
Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hillary & company know Trump is winning this election right now. He is racing toward a Trumpslide. They are desperate. They need votes. Maybe they though they might pick up votes by acting like Trump.

Problem is, when they see life through their distorted lenses, then try to reapply that "version" of reality, it winds up looking like a mess.

The VP's job is to simply not make news headlines. Given how much the Democrat Machine Media protects Clinton, none of this will make the mainstream media. But the alternative media has it. And people saw it.

Tim Kaine may well have put the nail in the coffin of the Clinton campaign.

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