Friday, October 21, 2016

Saving America

The way I see it, there are really only three issues at stake in this election. People try to muddy the water and interject confusing information, but these three things are the only ones on the line and worth worrying about.

1. Border security.
Trump wants border security and tightened vetting of immigrants and refugees.
Hillary wants to open the floodgates.

2. Supreme Court.
We may not know what kind of picks Trump will make, but we know damned well what kind of picks Hillary will make.
These picks will have direct effects on 1st Amendment rights, 2nd Amendment rights, and all others by default.

3. Jobs / Economy
Trump wants tax cuts, to balance the budget, and to make things easier on small business. Things that will improve the job market.
Hillary wants further regulation, more taxes, and higher costs of doing business. Things that will kill jobs.

Nothing else matters.
Gay marriage is on the books, like it or not.
Abortion is on the books, like it or not.

Pick your supposed topic, chances are it's either on the books, and the #cuckservatives won't touch it; or it's not on the books and #cuckservatives won't touch it.

We've got to save America before we can improve and refine America into a top civilization again.

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