Thursday, October 27, 2016

#Cuckservatives Don't Get It

Some observations on the #NeverTrump idiots and their fellow #cuckservatives -

As a matter of distinguishing one from the other, the #NeverTrump idiot is vocal about his opposition to Trump, while the #cuckservative may not be. In other words, all #NeverTrump ers are #cuckservatives , but not all #cuckservatives are #NeverTrump ers.

As they are all #cuckservatives , the #NeverTrump ers honestly believe there are undecided voters. They believe that if Republicans supplicate just enough and in the right ways, votes will be swayed to them from the Democrat party.

#Cuckservatives refuse to realize that those who vote Democrat do so because they are either morally bankrupt or mentally bankrupt. That is to say, Democrat are either stupid, or on an agenda. Those on an agenda aren't likely to change. Very few of those who are stupid will change - and those who do change will require time and/or a solid smack in the face by life.

Supplicating to Democrats doesn't change their minds. Reasoning with Democrats doesn't change their minds. Harsh reality is the only thing that can change their minds. And some require more harsh reality than others.

The only question in a campaign is whose supporters are more fired up for their candidate? Getting the right people to the polls is critical. This is why voter ID laws are necessary. That's why it is becoming increasingly necessary to reform voting laws. Not every adult needs to be allowed to vote.

And that's what #cuckservatives don't get. There aren't people being swayed to vote one way or another with each statement a candidate makes. There are no true undecideds. That's the illusion the media pits on screen, but it's not what exists.

#Cuckservatives don't get it. And when you say that, they say "get what?"

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