Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bug Out Bag

I recently attended a class on bugout bags. Pops wanted me to put up what was learned, so I took notes and am putting them here.

Are you getting home, bugging out, or never coming back? The answer to this question dictates your bag. Weight is a consideration. For most, a 25 pound bag will be the limit of what's practical compared to what they can actually carry. Size of the bag is important - just a bit bigger than you need for your contents. Your childrens' bags might not need all the same contents if you wish to avoid unnecessary redundancy.

Types of bags
1. 24 Hour Bag. Use this if you work in town, but need something to come back home.
2. 3 day bag. This is your typical bugout bag.
3. INCH bag. This is "I'm Never Coming Home." This is the biggest bag. An inch bag can go over 25 pounds, and for a family, might combine some common things (first aid, documents, etc.).

Bugout bags

Needed contents - 10 C's.
From this link -
Container (for water)
Combustion tool
Cover (warmth)
Cutting tool
Cotton bandana / shemagh
Candle / light source
Canvass needle
Cargo tape

Other needs / wants
Personal medication
Food (6000 calories)
Ability to filter / purify more water
Basic first aid kit
General meds - asprin, Tylenol, tums, ointment,
Crank radio
Baby powder
Wet wipes

Other considerations / notes
Beyond these items, go sparingly. Wet wipes can be dried for storage and rehydrated later. Wet food weighs more than dry food.

Take a hike with your bag. An overnight camping trip strictly out of this bag will show you what you need and don't need.

Clothing layers may be needed for winter months.

Have a little space at the top for scavenging.

As cheap as they are, and as small, there's no reason you shouldn't have a pack of Bic lighters in your BOB.

Get items together, then buy a bag for it. That way your bag will be big enough. The opposite side of this coin is that people tend to want to fill bags... with unnecessary stuff sometimes.

If your rifle is going with you, it makes sense to have a bag that has a groove for resting the rifle for long range shots.

An old Alice pack is very inexpensive and was made specifically for this sort of use.

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