Monday, October 31, 2016

57 Gets Heated

The Tennessee District 57 race is getting heated. Representative Susan Lynn recently put out a mailer with several facts about Democrat opponent Trisha Farmer. Farmer quotes herself on her campaign Facebook page and her campaign blog, responding to several of the charges:

This latest round of attacks focuses on my relationship with God and it is frankly, disgusting. Though I do not feel I should have to defend any of my personal religious beliefs, I'll share a little with you. I have been very active in my faith, lived in Israel, attended Colorado Christian University concentrating on a Biblical Studies degree and as an adult, I have lived my life out of Matthew 25, working with food banks across the state to help the poor, helping ensure low-income seniors have access to medication, and serving those whom society deems are the “least of these.”  I have raised my children with these strong morals and convictions too!   Grasping at straws, she is trying to defame me based on a text message conversation with a former friend from years ago, conveniently leaving out the :) and LOLs, (smiley faces and Laughing Out Loud).

Fact: Farmer spent the better part of the last two years on Facebook, many times proudly announcing her atheism. Before she was running, she claimed she was brought up Christian, but that she is no longer. You'll note her answer is verbally sidestepping her previous statements and attempts to cast a positive light on Farmer's beliefs.

Farmer continues:
She [Susan Lynn] claims I am anti-second amendment, which is untrue, claims I am for a $15 minimum wage, (I support a gradual wage increase, while she doesn't support one at all and thinks we should do away with it!) She claims I didn’t work try to work with the city over the sign ordinance, (she and commissioner Justice spew this every chance they get despite multiple email exchanges between me and the city proving otherwise!)  She says my campaign is funded by unions implying I am their puppet (Unions do account for about 20% of my donations and they local unions right here in Wilson County, representing local people), but fails to mention her campaign, has been funded by out-of-state corporations, special interests and PACS for years.

Fact: Farmer also spent a large part of the last two years protesting all gun rights. Many tirades on how she wants more restrictions and, if she had her way, she would have a complete confiscation. Now that she's running in a 70%+ red district, her tone has softened to "common sense gun laws" that we all know are liberal doublespeak for gun control.

Fact: Farmer also was vehemently arguing in favor of a $15 minimum wage on social media outlets. And you see more of the verbal sidestepping here: "I support a gradual wage increase..." folks, she thinks you're stupid!

Fact: Farmer did sue the city of Mt. Juliet over the sign ordinance. It did cost the city $13,000. Many liberals believe that if you don't like a law, and you don't have the votes to change it, then take it to a court and try to have them change it. Farmer must also believe this way because that's what she put into practice.

Fact: unions contribute 20% of her campaign funds. That's a large chunk! To whom do you think she is going to (have to) be loyal???

And a final point to ponder: you'll notice that Farmer is having to do some serious verbal gymnastics on many of her positions. It's difficult being a self-described "Bernie Sanders Socialist," in a typically 70%+ red voting district. Perhaps that's why, at the outset of her campaign, she deleted her old Facebook account and fired up a rarely used backup account. As with so many liberals, facts can be such pesky nuisances for her campaign.

Susan Lynn is a flawed individual. We all are. Lynn only votes with the will of the majority of her constituents about 60%-65% of the time. Farmer, however, will cast votes for the majority of her constituents exactly 0% of the time, based on her own words. Which one you vote for is up to you.

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