Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Three Laws... Again

From a liberal on Facebook who knowingly attends a church where the pastor is decidedly conservative:

I'm tired of the message that being a liberal makes me a bad Christian OR that being a Christian makes me a bad liberal.
I adore my church, the people and my pastor. But I have to say it's getting really old to hear him spew the word liberal like its dirty. I wonder sometimes does he even realize he has liberals in his congregation. People who are working for his church. People who trust him and love what has been built. It's really heartbreaking.

So after reading this, and with the knowledge that this person has attended the church in question for nearly a year, we can safely conclude that one of two simple things is true. Either -

A. The liberal feels the pastor is lying when he says these things. If this is the case, then why continue to attend? Whether the church and it's people do good things would be immaterial. Now, lying is not always sinful according to the Bible, but to make a broad statement like this that you feel is false would mean you would also have to believe the pastor lacks in morals and ethics.

Note - I once attended a church where the pastor lied directly to me. It was not a sin. However, the nature of the lie put his integrity into question. Therefore, I removed myself and my family from that church immediately. 


B. The liberal feels convicted. This would be my guess. That's why they put the post on Facebook. That's why they continue to attend. Maybe, just maybe, this person realizes their own issues, and to be called out on them hurts. And if this is the case, it means this particular liberal knows the truth, but simply rejects it. So, the question becomes, do the Three Laws apply?

Let's evaluate:
1. Always Lie.
Well, either the pastor is lying or the liberal is. And the liberal continues to attend...

2. Always double down.
This post was one of three political posts made after the church service in question. This was the first political post by this liberal in four months.

3. Always project.
From a previous post: yet again I am reminded what disgusts me most in this world:  self righteous apathy.

Yup. All three.

Oh, and this was their most recent cover photo:

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