Monday, September 12, 2016

Odd Marriage Situation

By Jove, I thought I'd seen it all.

One of my FB sources for liberal hypocrisy and asinine posts got married recently.
Her husband took her last name.

Yes, that last line was accurate, and written by me, and double-checked.
I'd pay $5 admission just to know what the "vows" were.
No doubt, her testosterone levels were higher than his on the wedding day.

From the male involved on why he took her name:
"Yes, lol. It was funny because she always bugged her mom as a kid as to why that didn't happen more often. And then when we were talking about it early in the relationship I mentioned that I would take her name if we ever got married. She was very pleasantly surprised."
For both their sakes, I hope he takes the Red Pill and soon.

Any over-unders on how long the marriage lasts until she takes him to the cleaners?

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