Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Liberal Heads Exploding, Part 2

A Rifleman knows that his enemy will hang himself, if given enough rope. Therefore, the Rifleman does not force the action, but rather, lets it play out. Then the Rifleman picks his shots with surgical accuracy and to devastating effect.

Liberal: "I have a solution to the gun problem. Every gun has a serial number. The person. Who first buys that gun is forever responsible for whomever that gun may kill. So, if someone steals it and kills people, the owner still has to go to jail, because he was responsible for bringing that gun into being."

Rifleman: "OK. So I can go on a shooting spree and kill whomever I want, and not go to jail. I'll use one of my AR15 rifles that I bought from this guy named John* (not his real name). While I'm at it, I'll kill all the people I don't like, and I'll get the Liberal politicians, too - including the Witch you intend to vote for this fall."
Said with a shit-eating grin.

Liberal:  mind blown.

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