Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Holiday Fun!

Labor Day weekend was good for us. I took the kids to a relative's house out in the country. They rode 4-wheelers and shot guns. No better way to celebrate. Here are some photos of my daughter shooting the Marlin 795. She has a pink Crickett, but like the semi-automatic better.

Her targets were rubber cubes, and a rubber crow that was placed 25 yards away.

Kind of hard to see, isn't it?

Oh, that's better -

She said she wanted to shoot all 555 rounds. She got about halfway there.

She is disappointed when the magazine runs out of ammo.

And what fun, safe day of shooting would be complete without a liberal wetting their pants over it all? Not ironically, this liberal post only got 3 "likes." My photo series and video has nearly 200 at the time of this post.

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