Friday, September 9, 2016

Feminism Kills Restaurants

In restaurants, one sees fewer and fewer waitresses. Yes, the politically correct term is "servers," but you won't see that term used here as a distinction needs to be made between the genders for the purpose of this article. The terms today are "waiters" and "waitresses." Don't like it? Go make somebody a sandwich.

With the decline in the number of females in serving roles, the question must be asked: "where have all the waitresses gone?"

Simple - moms aren't teaching daughters to be women these days. Think about it - how long has it been since you've heard a grown woman say to a girl, "That's not very ladylike?" The art of graceful isn't being taught any more.

Meanwhile, boys are being feminized. They are taught to wait on people hand and foot. They aren't happy with it. The females aren't happy with doing masculine roles, either.

There is one glaring exception: establishments like Hooters and similar are always packed. What's more, the women working there generally seem much happier than at other restaurants. Women prefer to be objectified and play their feminine roles. Hooters and similar restaurants provide just such an environment.

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