Thursday, September 15, 2016

Equipment for SHTF

Speaking with a fellow Patriot some time ago, and he was new to the III% / Patriot / Militia concept. He was just out of the military, and he was expressing his wish that his III% group had uniform standards.

Of course, I advised him that it would never float... too many personalities.  And while he felt it was a disadvantage, as the III% man might be unable to recognize friend from foe should shit go down, I feel it is an advantage.

Minutemen, III%ers, Patriot Groups, Oath Keepers, Militias, and the like operate from a heavily civilian base. Some people haven't the funds, and others haven't the desire to purchase and make use of a standardized equipment. This is a strength. What one man has, he can share with his brothers who do not have. It's the free exchange of ideas that make it possible for the individual to pack and carry what he thinks he needs.

In the event of SHTF, one of two things will be true. Either the SHTF events will transpire quickly - over the course of just a few weeks (flooding, Hurricane, earthquake, riots, etc.), or they will be nearly permanent and will alter the course of history. In the (I think more likely) event of the former, the exact gear will be of little consequence. The exact camo pattern will matter even less. In the event of a history-altering event, camo pattern will be even less relevant. Equipment might matter more, but it will be worked out over the first year.

One thing we both agreed on is training. No matter how much you have, there's always more to learn. Get out there, join a good group, and train!

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