Monday, September 26, 2016

Debate Thoughts 2016 - Presidential 1

Notes on the debate tonight. Wasn't going to do one of these, but a good friend asked, and so here it is! I'd say she owes me one, but with all the kindness she's shown our family recently, I still owe her a couple.

First thoughts - the media.
During the debate the "moderator" kept interrupting Trump, but only rarely Clinton. If you really, truly are undecided, you must take note of this. You must ask why the media feels it necessary to protect her. And what happens to America when they stop protecting her?

Similarly, the post-debate shows were ablaze with attempts to put a positive spin on what Clinton said; and trying to mischaracterize what Trump has said. Why must they lie about him? Why must they try to re-emphasize the points they wanted her to make?

Thought - the three laws.
Remember, Social Justice Warriors and liberals, by default, follow the three laws:
1. Always Lie.
2. Always double down.
3. Always project.

If someone is doing these things, it means their argument holds no water, and they must try to win in the court of public opinion via other means. Usually, the other means are bullying in nature.

Thought - the topics.
By my count, these were the most important topics covered:
The economy
Racial relations
Foreign relations
Domestic security

Thoughts - getting rattled
Trump was in his element. He has hosted a reality show for many years, and it shows. He understands the audience he is trying to reach and it shows. The only people saying he got rattled are the Democrats,  and they are projecting (Law 3) when they say this.

Hillary, on the other hand, got very visibly agitated on many topics and subjects. She tried to debate as if it was on Twitter. But, she looked like a grandmother trying to play the most recent video game: monkeying through it and not really liking any of it, but doing it so someone else will be happy.

Thoughts - experience
If you like what we've had for the past 8 years, vote for Hillary. She is a politician, and it showed. If you do not like what we've had, vote for Trump. If you prefer politics as usual, nobody says that better than Hillary. If you'd really like something different, vote Trump. As Trump said, she has a lot of experience, but it's all bad. Trump has made Billions, and had much success in business.

Of course, the media says Clinton won (Lie - Law 1). They have a huge vested interest in her winning. However, in polls where live people said what they think, about 60% feel Trump won.

Thought - they are acting like children.
My friend made this comment - that both were acting like children. Suppose this: suppose your opponent acts like a child. Suppose the moderators swing things in their favor like children. Suppose the people you are trying to reach think and act largely like children. Now wouldn't you act like a better child... one they want to be like or be around?
Me, too.

When Trump is engaged respectfully and honestly, he conducts himself in a very businesslike and friendly manner. Of course, then he is totally unstoppable, and the media and their puppet masters cannot have that.

Thoughts - taking away rights
Hillary said she wanted more gun control. If she's willing to compromise one of your rights, which is the next right she will compromise? 

Thought -  riddle me this.
If Hillary made a mistake (her words) in deleting the emails, why did she make the mistake 35 thousand times?
If Hillary wants to keep us safe from ISIS, why does she insist on importing more of them?
If Hillary wants to keep us safe from ISIS, then why did she create them?
If Hillary is insulted by Trump's birther claims, why did she engage in them?
If Hillary is insulted by Trump's treatment of women, why does she still have Bill in her life, and how is this OK in any universe?

Note - if the media brings up any topic against Trump, you can be sure that Hillary is guilty of worse in the same category.

There's my thoughts.
Trump looked and acted far more presidential, despite what the media has told you.
Hillary looked old and worn out. And she is very, very dishonest.
The media has their favorite. Vote for their favorite if you think they have your best interest in mind.

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