Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Real Libertarian

Saw this on Facebook the other day. It's a good reference guide. That said, let's analyze these categories and see who the real Libertarian is in this presidential race. For the sake of simplicity and to avoid repetitiveness, Hillary Clinton is not included in the results discussions below - as she is the furthest thing from Libertarian that a person can be.

1. Marijuana
On the surface, it would seem Johnson is more (L) than Trump, but you must take into account one key detail. Johnson says to legalize and tax marijuana. Since a tax is the ultimate form of governmental regulation, this is not a (L) stance.
Result: tie

2. Gay marriage
Since marriage is not addressed in the Constitution, it is within the power of the individual states to decide. I, personally, think there should be no regulation at any level of government - but modern marriage is a financial contract. States have the authority to decide rules for financial contracts.
Result: Trump

3. Abortion
Irrelevant since abortion is currently allowed. Irrelevant what their personal stance is, since the federal government does have the ability under the Constitution to define what is and what is not murder.
Result: irrelevant

4. Increase gun control.
Result: tie

5. Increase border.
On the surface, it would seem that Johnson has the more (L) answer. However, open borders with neighbors who do not value freedom will result in more migrants coming into the country and then taking the freedoms away like they did to their own country before. Ideally, the whole world would be Libertarian, but it's not. And the wise Libertarian knows the threats of giving up his liberty. Open borders leads to giving up liberty.
Result: Trump

6. Accept Syrian refugee
Given the known correlation worldwide with the Syrian "refugees" and terrorist invasion, and given the statements on 5 above, this one is easy. For the purpose of maintaining a sovereign Libertarian society, a wise Libertarian would agree that immigration must not come at the expense of liberty.
Result: Trump

7. Common Core
Result: tie

8. Require Vaccinations
Result: tie

9. Support Obamacare
Result: tie

10. Drug test welfare.
This one is interesting. A truly (L) response is that the state ought not provide welfare at all. Both Trump and Johnson fail here.
Result: tie

11. Require welfare-to-work.
See #10. Both fail.
Result: tie

12. Felon right to vote.
Johnson has the more purely (L) answer here. My personal opinion is that someone convicted of a high crime by a jury of his peers with evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt ought not be a member of the electorate. My opinion is conservative on this, though (as is my opinion of abortion).
Result: Johnson

13. Global warming regulation
Result: tie

14. Require GMO label.
Though Trump did not have an answer on this, Johnsons answer was not (L) at all. Requiring things of people like this is government over reach. Government over reach is supposed to be the bane of Libertarianism. (Note: how in the hell did Hillary have a more Libertarian answer than Johnson???)
Result: -1 for Johnson

15. Space travel budget
This one is tricky. A true Libertarian wants government to be as small as possible. Yet, the space travel budget is not what has our country in debt. Entitlement spending is our biggest problem. Still, in the vein of smaller government, Johnson technically does have the more (L) answer.
Result: Johnson

16. Military budget
See #15.
Result: Johnson

17. Congress term limits.
No answer from Trump hurts him here. Johnson nails it.
Result: Johnson

Tie / irrelevant - 9
Trump - 3
Johnson - 3
Hillary - 1

Trump is as much for liberty as any candidate in the running. Plus, he vows for tighter border security... which only enhances our liberty. Johnson is certainly for liberty most of the time, but he made a real bone-head pick for VP. Hillary cannot be trusted at all to preserve liberty. In fact, the only thing Hillary can be trusted to do is erode liberty.

What say you?

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