Thursday, August 25, 2016

Marksmanship Clinic Wrap Up

This year, I've taught three marksmanship clinics to fellow Patriots who wished to learn to shoot better. Here are some facts and observations on them.

80 total Patriots trained.
36 qualified as Expert Riflemen (90%+ score).
30 qualified as Sharpshooter or Marksman.
4 out of 5 who did not qualify had serious malfunctions.
5 women who did not even get their shots on paper at the beginning of class wound up scoring Expert Rifleman.
5 women who did not get their shots on paper at the beginning wound up scoring Sharpshooter or Marksman.
1 man who did not get his shots on paper at the beginning wound up scoring Sharpshooter.

18 total ladies trained.
9 scored Expert Rifleman. (2 with perfect scores)
7 scored Sharpshooter or Marksman.
2 did not qualify, but both showed tremendous improvement.

2 young Patriots trained.
1 scored Sharpshooter and one did not qualify, but showed tremendous improvement.

* As a technicality, 2 Patriots were young men, age 17. They have been lumped in with the men for these statistics. Both did quite well - one scored Sharpshooter and the other scored Expert Rifleman.

At least one Patriot representing each of the four major branches - Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines - scored Expert Rifleman.

Budget rifles often led to malfunctions.
Budget optics (retail price under $100) always led to malfunction. 
Wolf ammo did not ever participate in a qualifying score of any level.
Wolf ammo becomes unstable and tumbles in air about half the time - striking the target sideways.
M193 earned more qualifications than any, including several perfect scores.
Low powered optics - 3x and 4x - earned more scores than any others.
If you came to class with a rifle that was not zeroed, you did not earn Expert Rifleman.
If you used one of my loaners, you did very well. My Recce rifle minted 3 Expert Riflemen in 3 events.

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