Friday, August 5, 2016

Libtards Getting Married

From social media -
When you're trying to create wedding invitations but you're keeping your last name and the world is still dominated by patriarchy so none of the pre-made options allow you to put the bride's last name... #DownWithThePatriarchy

It would seem this young, ignorant lass is causing all her own problems by trying to go so hard against the grain. If she were able to stop and think for a moment, she might realize the grain exists for a reason: like her protection and the betterment of society, not to mention the ease of doing it that way.

I would ask her - why get married at all if you really want to be free of the patriarchy? Marriage came about due to the patriarchy and is one of the last remaining institutions of the patriarchy.

I would ask you, my readers, what sort of man is she marrying? There's more than enough hint here in this post.

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