Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gun Range Legends

A Rifleman knows that reconnaissance is 99 parts observation and 1 part shooting. Now, that 1 part shooting had better be honed to a fine edge. But the Rifleman is confident in the shooting part and hopes and prays not to have to use it.

The Rifleman is teaching others to be Riflemen. The discussion and training is geared toward intermediate ranges: 100 - 500 yards, give or take. A student raises the question of .308 vs. .223.

Student: "Wouldn't a .308 have more knock-down power?"

Rifleman: "What exactly is knock-down power? How do you define it?"

Student: "Energy of the round."

Rifleman: "Kinetic energy is one half of mass times velocity squared. Is this what you mean?"

Student: nods to the affirmative.

Rifleman: "Well then, if a round impacted a target and stopped dead in the target, then a point could be made. But bullets rarely stop cold in a target - they often pass through. That means the puncturing action is actually more important. People don't die from Kinetic Energy... they die from blood loss or destruction of the Central Nervous System."

Medic: nods to the affirmative.

There is a difference between what is overheard at a gun range and what happens in reality. The good news is we live in the information age. The material can be found if you look.

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