Friday, August 12, 2016

Fight Reactions

A 9th grade boy punches your little sister, who is also in 9th grade. You are a Senior in High School. How do you respond?

"I'm going to whip his ass."
Crowd follows Alpha.
Alpha approaches subject and confronts him loudly.
A scuffle ensues and the Alpha quickly overwhelms his opponent.
Just as the Alpha prepares to deliver the coup de grace, the Betas and Deltas step in and break things up.

"I'm going to go show him a thing or two about hitting women. Who's with me?!?"
Beta rounds up a few friends - Betas and Deltas - and things generally play out the same as they did with the Alpha above.

Delta rounds up some friends, and confronts the offender.
Delta demands an apology and it is begrudgingly given.
Offender is more afraid of the Betas and the Alpha (if he came) than the Delta.
The fear of the group who supports one of its own is also on display.
Sometimes, the offender may offend again, just to see if the group hangs together with this person.

The Gamma hollers and wails about striking a woman.
He pleads with the offender for an apology and a promise never to do this again.
When this fails, he appeals to school authorities... often without success.
The offender doubles his attempts at offenses.
Things boil over and offenser winds up bullying the Gamma.
Later, the Gamma bullies others as he lashes out in emotion over the angst of being bullied.

Learns of the offense online.
Plots and bombs the school, killing his sister along with the offended.
He rationalizes that his sister was a slot and deserved death anyhow.

Upon hearing of the offense, the Sigma quietly and promptly rises and goes directly to the offender.
Followers follow the Sigma, knowing the bomb shall go off... but not knowing exactly what that might mean.
The Sigma spots the offender, angles directly toward him from an unseen side, and confronts him directly.
The offender is lifted off his feet by a firm hand around the throat and held there, pinned against a wall.
A cold warning is issued in guttural tones, indicating a complete lack of emotion in cold resolve.
The squeeze of the hand tightens, and a punch takes the offender to the ground.
The Sigma raises a hand for a coup de grace, and pulls it just short.
A final warning is uttered.
Offender urinates in his pants.
Sigma walks away, observers in complete shock over the coldness of the display.

Lambda flies at offender in a fit of rage, beating him to a pulp.
Later, Lambda comes to hospital and apologizes for overreacting.
Lambda asks the offender out.

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