Thursday, August 11, 2016

District 57

Last week, the August primaries in Tennessee were held. Among the results locally, Susan Lynn won the Republican nomination for reelection to her State Representative seat. Trisha Farmer won the Democrat nomination for same. Both women ran unopposed.

Nearly 80% of the primary votes were in the Republican primary. This is in line with past County and District 57 results - usually well over 70% of votes cast in the area go to the Republican candidate. It is anticipated to be no different this fall.

However, a little commentary on this. Susan Lynn has generally distanced herself from the Haslam gang of late. This is a good thing.

Farmer, on the other hand, is a Bernie Sanders type socialist. She supports outright gun bans (though her website touts the liberal lie of "common sense gun control"). In short, Farmer simply does not represent the wishes of the majority of this district.

Now, I could go into much greater detail about Farmer, as I've unfortunately had to deal directly with her on more than one occasion, but I shall refrain at this point. Suffice it to say that character assassination would be easy - she provides much ammo. And her political views make matters even worse.

District 57, do yourself a solid favor, make sure to reelect Susan Lynn this November.

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